INREST wishes to help international participants and attendees to acquire travel documents if needed

Letters of invitation



However, the organisers must be assured of your intention to participate to the conference, should your travel request be accepted. People needing an official letter of invitation will have to register and request the letter of invitation through the registration process. 

The letter of invitation is not in itself a financial obligation for the organisers. All costs linked to the conference are the sole responsibility of the participants. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will obtain a visa or an eTA based on this letter. The decision to deliver a visa or an eTA is entirely left to the discretion of the relevant authorities. The organisers of the conference would not be able to change any decision made by a government official, should your request be denied. 


We recommend that you plan your travels ahead of time and request your travel documents well before the conference.


Please address your request for a letter of invitation via email to