Araújo, Carlos


PhD Student - Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR)


I was always fascinated by the sea, in particular nearshore environments. Together with this fascination and a growing interest in multidisciplinary studies involving exact and biological sciences, it led me to do a bachelor and a master degree in oceanography. As a research assistant for more than 5 years I could develop and/or improve my skills on fieldtrip organization, scientific computing and the use of optical remote sensing technologies. On the free time, music and biking are also part of my life.

Project Description: 


My project aims to understand how the light interacts with primary producers in a subarctic costal embayment (Bay of Sept-Îles) and surrounding area, accessing both abiotic and biotic parameters that drives this dynamic. A comprehensive in situ physical, biogeochemical and optical data and a suite of remotely-sensed imagery will be used to achieve this goal.

This project aims to stablish guidelines for the usage of ocean-color products on coastal environments which, in turn, will aid managers and decision-making to access proxies of ecosystem functioning and health in a more effective way or, at least, as complementary to traditional sampling techniques.

(Source: CHONe II)



TalkLight and Primary Producers Dynamics in a Subarctic Coastal Embayment: A Satellite-based Assessment: Preliminary results (May 30)