Carrier-Belleau, Charlotte


Masters Student - Université Laval (ULAVAL)


I first graduated in public communication before completing a Bachelor in Marine and Freshwater Biology at the University of Laval. My current research focuses on cumulative impacts of stressors and their effect on macro benthic communities. I’m also interested in marine conservation and the impact of global change in our oceans.


CHONe Project : 2.1.2: To evaluate and model how natural and anthropogenic stressors interact to impact pelagic and benthic communities along a sub-arctic coastline and develop bay-scale condition indicators


This project links to CHONe II objectives as we study the bay’s health. The study will help us understand how the different anthropological stressors affect the communities in subarctic coastal ecosystems.


(Source : CHONe II)



Talk: Multiple environmental stressors caused by humans - an experimental approach to determine types of interactions and their culmulative effect on macrobenthic communities (May 29)