D'Auteuil, Manon


Manon d’Auteuil, ing, 

Director for Engineering and Sustainable Development - Port of Sept-Îles


Mrs D’Auteuil holds a Bachelor of applied sciences from the Université Laval from 1992. She is currently the Director for Engineering & Sustainable Development at the Port of Sept-Îles. Since 1999, she has been responsible for the Department of Environment since its creation by Canadian Port Authorities. She has been involved in several initiatives that have boasted the Port of Sept-Îles’ reputation as a leader, through a strong partnership or through involvement in the field of research and development. Manon was actively involved in the creation of Green Marine by developing assessment criteria for this voluntary programme of maritime industry improvement. Notably, she was able to show the Port of Sept-Îles’ multiple partners the various advantages they stood to gain by enrolling in this program, making it the first port to have had all their members part of the Green Marine program. Mrs D’Auteuil’s projects have been awarded multiple distinctions or tributes; among which the Phénix de l’environnement, received in partnership with the Uashat Mak Maliotenam community, for the innovative Spartina transplantation project in the old Sept-Îles marina.


Mrs D’Auteuil’s knowledge and expertise were a great asset for the Environmental Observatory of the Bay of Sept-Îles. Mrs D’Auteuil has also collaborated in coordinating construction works in the port zone of the Environmenta; Observatory, as well as in the CHONe II project.


Talk: Implementation of an environmental observatory in the Sept-Iles industrial port zone (May 28)