Nolet, Véronique


Program Manager - Green Marine


As a marine biologist, Véronique Nolet dedicated most of her career to the protection and conservation of marine mammals in the St. Lawrence. She continues to pursue this passion at Green Marine as Programme Director for the St. Lawrence region. Her responsibilities include everything that concerns interactions between ships and marine mammals, namely underwater noise caused by shipping. She also coordinates the St. Lawrence advisory committee and the technical committee for ports and terminals for Green Marine’s francophone members.

Véronique joined the Green Marine team in July 2004, to work specifically on projects linked to the assessment and mitigation  of underwater shipping noise and its effects on marine mammals. She also led multiple training sessions onboard commercial ships in order to raise crew awareness about whale presence.

Before working at Green Marine, she played a key role in the production of the handbook ‘A Mariner’s Guide to Whales in the Northwest Atlantic’. She also created several educational outreach tools for the shipping industry. She has a Bachelor’s degree in marine biology from the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR).



Talk: Mitigating the risk of ship strikes through a collaborative approach (May 29)