Tremblay, Jean-Éric


Professor - Université Laval (ULAVAL)


Jean-Éric Tremblay obtained a BSc. honours in biological oceanography from the University of British Columbia (1990) and a PhD in biology from Laval University (1996). He subsequently held a DAAD postdoctoral fellowship at the Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar Research (Germany), a JSPS fellowship in Japan and a research associate position at McGill University. He is now a professor at Université Laval and director of Québec Océan. Tremblay specializes in the biological oceanography of polar and temperate seas. He has been involved in many expeditions to the North Atlantic, Pacific, Southern and Arctic oceans and contributed to the international programs JGOFS (Joint Global Ocean Flux Study), NOW (North Water Polynya Study),CASES (Canadian Shelf Exchange Study)and SOLAS (Surface Ocean and Lower Atmosphere Study). He currently investigates the impacts of environmental variability on nutrient loading and the productivity of phytoplankton and living renewable resources in the Arctic.


(Source: CERC-Arctic)



Talk: The SECO.Net network: Understanding the impacts of eutrophication on the St. Lawrence ecosystem (May 28)